What happens after the free trial period?

You will be given the option to subscribe to any FreedomFx subscription packages

Why does FreedomFx have 3 different subscription packages?

  • FreedomFx Pro provides access to FreedomFx forex trade signals and to FreedomFx Trader community.
  • FreedomFx Elite provides access to FreedomFx forex trade signals, the FreedomFx Trader community and the proprietary FreedomFx Currency HeatMap.
  • FreedomFx Currency HeatMap provides access to an additional tool that can help traders select pairs with the most likelihood for having the greatest pip movement thereby producing better outcomes based on currency strength.

How do I cancel subscription services?

Submit a request for cancellation at the FreedomFx website. Your request will be processed within 1 week.

Will a refund be processed after cancellation?

Once a cancellation is submitted and processed, no further payments will be auto-deducted. Services are paid in advance so you will continue to receive FreedomFx services until the end of your billing cycle (e.g. end of 30 days); or until your services expire for that billing period. As a result, a refund will not be due or processed.

How many signals are issued per day?

Trade signals are based on market conditions and FreedomFx's proprietary trade systems.

Is it suggested to take all signals issued by FreedomFx?

Trading should take into consideration risk tolerance, lot size and account leverage before trade execution, while maintaining a proper risk reward ratio to ensure accounts are not over-leveraged at any point in time when a trade or trades are open.